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The Gorman Group is Pleased to Support Two Amazing Charities



Charity Storage utilizes existing storage facility operations to raise funds to benefit the community. Charity Storage is the Official Charity Partner of the Self Storage Association, and the first national self storage industry charity. It is also a Charity Partner of the ISS World Expo, Storelocal and the NVSSA, as well as an Affiliate Member of the AZSA and the CSSA. In addition, TSSA has recently agreed to recommend the program to their members. Charity Storage enables self storage facilities to utilize existing resources to raise funds for charities throughout the United States. 90% of auction funds are distributed to qualifying organizations including Kure It Cancer Research, the Self Storage Association Foundation (SSAF) Scholarship Program and Charity organizations chosen by storage  Operators.

Cool Girls Logo.png


Cool Girls was founded by Dawn Smith in 1989 in response to the desperate plight of young girls living in the East Lake Meadows housing community. At that time, East Lake Meadows was known as one of Atlanta’s most violent public housing projects.


Today, Cool Girls serves over 350 girls through our partnerships with 8 Title 1 schools in DeKalb and Fulton Counties. Cool Girls provides motivation, encouragement, and reinforcement to help girls make smart choices that deter risky behaviors while giving guidance for positive transformation. Over a 27 year history, over 6,000 girls have come through their doors. Cool Girls develops strong bonds with girls, and their parents, giving support as early as seven years old throughout womanhood.

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